Thursday, April 14, 2016

April 11, 2016

This week we just got a few pictures from Elder Snow. (Still not great quality but I'll take em)

Me and my companion

us picking up our branch mission leader! together

The trash company here is called zoom lion, so we are the ZLs of Obuasi haha!

I am working on getting stronger haha!

then me helping my friend get some mangos down!! haha

April 4, 2016

hey mom!
I am doing great this week! just still at the work like always! haha they tried to broadcast (conference) but a lot of problems, so I only heard the talk about our true Identity as spirit children of God so that was a good reminder! we have a new elder in our apartment he is brand new and from Liberia! he is such a nice guy! very humble!!
I have a talk I want you to look up! it is called what lack I yet, from a few conferences ago!
Don't change the house too much haha I need to feel like im home when I get there ;) haha well that is cool everyone is getting their calls! it is weird, when they are leaving i will be on my way home!! ha
oh yeah I forgot to tell you about this thunder storm last Saturday! it was insane! it started at 1 in the morning! and went for 3 hours! every ten minutes it literally sounded like four people were standing right by you and shoot a shot gun at one time!! it was loud! but so awesome!!!

love you!

Elder snow

So how does Obuasi differ from the other areas you've been?

mountains! well hills but a lot of them! hahah

Oh that's cool. Do people live in the hills?

yep so we have to hike! I have some funny videos! you will see when I get home! haha :)

Oh good I'm excited to see them!

you will like them :)

I'm sure I will! Are you just being silly or dangerous? ;)


Oh my!! You better be careful!! ;)


March 28, 2016

well we got an award this week! i don't think that you will believe it but make sure you read the names on there!! haha these little houses are abandoned so I took the pic of the size for you!! and this is papa kofi! he is my favorite member!!!

Wow!! You got the clean award!! Amazing! Good job!! :) I knew you had it in you! Tell me about papa kofi

haha!! papa kofi is such an amazing man! he walks about 2 miles to church every Sunday he is always early! he was baptized about a year ago! his faith is strong and I don't know if he knows exactly why he comes to church but I think he just feels the spirit so he will continue to come!!!

March 21, 2016

hey mom!
well it was a good week! we baptized brother emmanuel!! so that was sweet! this was an 8 week transfer so transfer news comes at the end of this week! I really want Tanner to teach me how to sing when I get home!! that would be so cool!!! I am working hard at the piano, I got the church keyboard lesson book and I am doing the exercises daily! 
I would just start strong with jesus the christ! I love it! it is such a good book! don't be intimidated! it is an easy read!! the spirit takes over and you can just keep reading!! (I told him I was thinking about reading Jesus the Christ)
Yes they celebrate (Easter) nothing to big though!!
Love you,

Elder Snow!

How are you doing?

I am doing superb!!

I was thinking about Jacob Dean the other day. Do you know how he's doing?

he is doing great! loves South Africa!

Oh that's really good! It's crazy to think all of you will be home this summer! What a wonderful reunion it will be!

haha it will be so sweet!!!

How is your power there? I know when elder ashby was there they had no power quite often.

we have it all the time!! hahaha

Oh that's great!
So I saw you met Elder Hill. His mom and I thought you two would get along well :)

ya we do haha! everyone thinks we are twins!!

Elder Hill & Elder Snow photo bomb by Elder Ashby :)

March 14, 2016

well it was a fine week we went to Kumasi for leadership council! we just discuss about problems in the mission and how we can overcome all of that! so it is interesting! I will answer your questions when I come home! I love the millenium doctrine! haha

YESTERDAY GRANDMA! i mean mom...

I miss the snow so count your blessings ;) it is very rainy!
but I didn't say good bye there was no time they just had to leave! and Jessa emailed me! that is so cool! (one of his best girl friends got her mission call)
I love you! get on soon


I forgot to ask you if you knew Jamison got married?

Bennett told us! that is exciting. 20 weeks and ill be home..crazy right?

I don't want to wish my summer away but I can't wait for you to be home :) 

haha it will come faster than we we even know! my last general conference on mission is next month that is amazing

March 7, 2016

well it was a good week!
we have some investigators but we can always get more!! we are going to Kumasi this week for the Leadership council! so that will be a fun time!! we play soccer every once and a while! but not too much!!
for Easter no I don't think there is any requests so thanks, (I asked if he needed anything)
ya I have a lot planned to do, so we will see, I haven't told him everything though but there is a lot!! (he's talking about his plans for when he gets home) 
but I love you

Elder Snow
February 29, 2016

Hunter didn't really send much of an email this week so I'll just post a little of our conversation.

im doing all right. i am not going to send a big email. nothing to say! but being a zone leader is like being a mother basically, you just take care of everyone make sure they are fine, make sure if they have questions we answer them, and what not, nothing special! just work! ha

Tell me about your new area

its very humid! but a lot of mountains! well hills but close enough!

Is it bigger population than your last area? How big is the ward or branch?

yes I believe so!! it is a branch it is about twice as big as my last one!

Oh that's good. Do you have any investigators? Do you have time to teach or are you too busy with zone leader stuff? 

we do, we just don't have too many right now but it is coming

Do you still use your wi fi camera? 

no I sold it!

Haha you did? To who? 

elder Ulu, he didn't have one and really needed one so I helped him out!

Haha good for you! 

ya I guess! he was a great guy!

February 22, 2016

well it has been a good week! A lot of hard work and a lot of fun as well! we are just working on getting investigators to start progressing!
I had a cool experience at church! sacrament meeting started and no investigators were there for us so I was pretty down! but while the sacrament was being passed I bowed my head and pleaded with the lord just for one investigator! and low and behold right after the sacrament brother quist came rolling in!! I was so happy after that happened! he is a sweet guy very smart too! so we will continue to help him all the ways we can!!
we had a great football match today! It always fun cause they aren't just fun little ones! but it is a match where people are there to win!! and no one wants to lose! our district beat the other district 6 to5! I was pretty happy hahah!! 
love you all!
Elder snow

ps this was in the liahonna! hahah

February 15, 2016

Good afternoon!
Well it was a busy week! Traveling to Kumasi on Wednesday then coming back on Thursday!
But it was nice going cause I got to go get a krusher from kfc to celebrate a little bit haha!! I don't have much to write but there are a lot of pics!
The birthday was fun! even though it was just another day of work!! It is weird that I am 20 now! It is kind of hard for me to even comprehend it! but all is well we are just starting the area up and teaching as much as we can! it is going good! still hot and very humid down here but no rain yet!!! there is so much gold mining equipment everywhere I go here! haha
I love you all!

Elder Snow

Elder Snow has been sending his pictures with low resolution to be able to send more and do it quicker. Sorry about the quality.

We sent him a Ninja Turtle Birthday party! :)