Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8, 2016

Good afternoon!
Well it has been a pretty big week with the transfer and everything!! on Wednesday I went to the mission home with my companion where I had the new ZL training! We spent the night there! Then on Thursday we went down to Obuasi in the morning! But Instead of going to the apt. we sent my bags with the other elders and we took the sister missionaries to their apt. This is the first time with sisters down here so we had to show them that and help set it all up so we didn't get back until 9! So I had to unpack pretty fast! Then the next day we went with them and the elders that were in the area to show the sisters that area! Because They can't do it without us there!! 
Elder Moyo is so sweet! We have a lot of fun together! He is one transfer behind me! We were trained in the same zone so we knew each other a long time ago! haha this apt. is my favorite so far I think! It has a water heater so no more cold showers for me!! But we were in a bunk bed for a few days but today we cut it down! haha so now we have two beds!! 
The branch? I don't know much yet but they have a lot more active members than my last area!! So it seems very nice! I will have to keep you posted! 

I love you all very much!! Elder Snow

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February 1, 2016

well last week was absolutely terrible! sorry about that one hahah!
 but there is some news to share this week! 
I have received transfer news to go to Obuasi which is the furthest  south of our mission! There are a lot of gold mines there! and that is where that one TV show was! haha so I might go digging ;) 
I have also been called to serve as a zone leader! so it is a very exciting opportunity for me to serve!! I will be companions with Elder Moyo from Zimbabwa! haha
And FYI this week is the week which marks that I only have 6 months until I go hahah!
In case you were wondering ;) I love you all very much!!

Elder Snow 

Here's a bit from Elder Porritt's Blog.
Another cool thing that happened this week was that we got bikes for our area! We were so excited to get them and we took them out the day we got them and holy crap there was about a trillion problems with them... We ended up having to get a new pair of brakes for one of the bikes and the pedal on my bike fell off like 5 times and nobody in town could fix it to where it wouldnt just fall back off 30 minutes later. Sooo the bikes are a work in progress for sure haha! Even though they are sweet to have to get to places faster!

                                          Brother Andoh and his wife Gifty

                                                                 Primary Kids
                                                             The "new" bikes! :)
                                                             Elders Peterson, Ameworlor, Porritt and Snow

January 25, 2015

well not a crazy week again just same old stuff!! 
I had the chance to go on exchange with Elder Ambanya this week! He is an awesome elder from Kenya!! I love meeting elders from all the different countries here! They are all so different in their own ways!! Many people think Africa is Africa! but it is a lot of different cultures through out the entire continent! haha 
We find out transfer news on Saturday! so we will see what happens! I will have to let you know next week for that! 
Today we have been celebrating Elder Porritt's birthday! Big 19 years now! haha It is weird I am almost 20 years old! time flies! 
I love you all so much! have a great week!

Elder Snow

A little bit from Elder Porritt's blog.

Today was for sure one of the most memorable birthdays i have ever had and ever will have!! It started last night, when Elder Snow and I just stayed up til Midnight so I could open my presents (packages) from home!! Then this morning we just did the normal P day stuff, washed our clothes, cleaned our room up, cleaned the bathroom, all that good stuff. Then we went to a hotel and had PIZZA!!! woooooo!!! It was so awesome!! Except it wasn't at all anywhere close to a cheap meal haha, but it was soooo good!! us and the Zone Leaders went there and totally enjoyed!! it was nice!

January 18, 2016

Well it was a pretty good week!! had some fun of course!
Elder Porritt got really sick yesterday and still feels it a little today but I think he will be fine soon!! 
We went to Kintampo water falls today that was awesome I really enjoyed that place!! haha
Not much to write but I have some pics this week!! haha
Love you all! 

Elder Snow

January 11, 2016

Good afternoon!
Well nothing to crazy this week to talk about so sorry for that!! but
it was an ok week just trying to get this area going!! but yesterday
morning was amazing! the humidity went from 20 percent all the way to
85 percent! it has been so dry with the humma tine season!! but it is
very humid and my skin loves it!! I don't feel so dried out all the
time!! haha
still struggling in the area to find people but we are hoping for a
few baptisms at the end of this month we will see how they go!! but I
love you all very much!! 
elder snow

Some pictures from Elder Porritt.

  Branch Activity. Elder Snow and Elder Porritt teaching how to play Charades!
                                                                         Us & Ink

January 4, 2016

Happy new year!
I can't believe 2015 is already over! It feels like yesterday that we were ending 2014! We bought some knock out and Coke and had some fun for the cross over haha! We had a branch activity on Friday! It was a lot of fun, just had some games and food!! I climbed the coconut tree again! I am getting really good at it now!! it is a good work out too so I might do it every morning ;) haha
We traveled to Kumasi this week, I had to go and renew my non-citizen ID card! But I went to Dichemso and surprised sister Monic!! She screamed when she saw me!! haha but she told me probably the best news I have heard in a long time! If you remember her brother Emmanuel that we baptized? Well left on his mission last August!!!!!!!!! I was so happy when she told me that!!! It is so great that he was able to go so fast! He is Serving in Accra!! So overall it was a good week! Just getting back to work after all the fun!! but I love you all!

Elder Snow

                                                                                 This is Sister Monic. Elder Snow's First area. 

December 28, 2015

Hunter didn't really send an email this week because we talked just a few days before on Christmas!
I will just include some of our emails back and forth this day.

He said- I got the package yesterday!!! :) thanks mom I love it!!!
the caramel was amazing! haha  and I love the coin stuff!! and the new shorts and shirt is so powerful!! I love them a lot!! just all of it was great!!
Mimi made the caramels for you while she was here. I thought the coins were pretty cool too. 
Did you like the snowballs? That was what I was so excited about :) and the picture of your jeep?
those were cool too haha!! they are pretty realistic! and I miss my baby!! :(

                                                                  This is the picture I sent of his Jeep :)

                                                     This is my Christmas present from Elder Snow.
                                             He said he had an 80+ year old Muslim man carve it for me! 

Here is a bit from Elder Porritt's blog. He describes what they did for Christmas. :)
Christmas Eve, we went with Moby to his brothers house, which is the only huge nice house i have seen in Ghana so far, and then his brother took us to a really nice hotel which is the only places you can get really nice American food here and we had Chicken and Beef Pizza on Christmas Eve which was sure awesome!!

Christmas morning, we had a zone activity and watched Elf which was awesome just because Elf is hilarious!! Then the zone went to the Station here in Techiman which is where you go if you need to catch a bus anywhere in Ghana. When we went to the Station, we all just started singing Christmas songs and you wouldn't believe how fast we had a crowd of people watching us!! People here usually just stare at us when we walk by because 1- we are white and 2 we are wearing shirt and tie with name tags so everyone thinks we are fbi or something haha. But if you take the first two things and then add us singing, wow... haha we had soo many people watching us and videoing us on their phones and it was just a great time. We even were able to find a pastor who was preaching into his microphone and we asked to use it and he let us and so we started singing and then the pastor got his huge collection box and put it out in front of us and started telling people to throw their money in it haha it was pretty interesting to say the least!

                                      Merry Christmas from Elder Madsen, Elder Snow, Elder Botha and Elder Porritt!

Some members after church.