Tuesday, January 19, 2016

December 21, 2015

Elder Snow didn't really send an email this week, we mostly just talked back and forth a few times planning our Christmas call. I'll share some of our conversation and a video he sent as well.

I said-  I just saw your big group picture! :)
His reply- "Did I look cute?" :)

I said- I just saw your video. Are you crazy?! The little kid laughing is so cute!
His reply- "That kid is the Tasmanian Devil! He can tear a church apart faster than anyone!" ;)


December 14, 2015

Next week is Christmas!! That is so sweet! I am way excited!! Well It wasn't an amazing week but we found a new investigator finally!! We have been struggling really bad there!! 
We went to the field to play some football so that was fun today! Then we had a choir practice! Zone conference is tomorrow and we are singing in it haha! Of course we are singing Angles We Have Heard on High! 
Our coconut tree had a lot of coconuts so Mobby's brother climbed it and pushed them down! They were nice! But not as sweet as you think they would be! I climbed the mango tree to find some ripe ones today. There was one but I have my eye on a few of them ;) 
Our neighbors decided to mow their lawn! see pic of that!! haha It smelled so bad!! but that is all that really went on ha!
love you!

Elder Snow

A few pictures from Elder Porritt's blog!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

December 7, 2015

Well this week was an ok week! Still struggling with this area and trying to know how to help it the best we can! No transfer news for us! So we will be here for Christmas
We met this guy name Theophilus haha a sweet name! He is a powerful man has great faith in God! So we will help him grow his faith even more.
Not a good network so I have to  send this fast before it gets deleted love you!!

Elder Snow

November 30, 2015

Well all the interesting stuff I want to talk about happened today! haha
We went with our friends to watch a a football match and the keeper charged out and got knocked out pretty bad! I think I saved his  life. They started doing chest compressions when he was just knocked out, so I ran out there and made them stop and got him to wake up. He was in a lot of shock and would randomly flex and try to get up so I was holding him down small! I am sure he has a major concussion! So that was probably the coolest thing of this week! Good thing I had at least my medical Merritt badge ;)
But Thanksgiving was good. We enjoyed it with Elder Madsen and Botha! They came over and we ate rice and mashed potatoes! haha overall I am glad it is my last one on mission ;) only 26 days left!!!!!!!! (until we get to Skype on Christmas)  I am so excited! haha 

In this package I really need my retainer! that is number one thing I want for Christmas ;) haha
I love you very much!!!!! 
Elder Snow :)

I asked Hunter- How is Elder Porritt?
His reply- looking good with his new haircut I gave him:) hahaha just kidding he is good!

November 23, 2015

Good afternoon!
 It was a good week this week! We taught more! Not too much finding happened but our two friends Dennis and Julius are progressing really well! They want to be baptized but I won't let them until they for sure know it in their hearts that it is true! But this week they are trying really hard to receive their answer by reading and praying!
I got the problem in my shower fixed! The problem was I would start showering but when I would go to turn it off the handle was live, so it would give me a good shock!! haha so it turned out the outlet on the other side of the wall one of the wires was touching the copper leading to the knob I would grab! ha so they taped it up and put it back! So that is nice not to get the surprise!! haha

I had some bacteria infection on my lip! well above my lip! but it is gone now!! This water will get you if you aren't careful!! I had an interview with president so he looked at it and that is what he told me!
I know when the day will be when I am released now! It will be in between August 2-4th! So dad should plan around that to come get me! 
I cut elder bothas hair today! See picture I think I am getting ok at it!! haha but nothing much else 

love you!! Elder Snow

Here is a bit from Elder Porritt's blog. Elder Snow seems to forget to tell his mom about the crazy things! ;)
But another sweet thing that happened Saturday when we were at the high school was absolutely crazy.  We were walking back to the entrance of the high school and D and J told us to follow them over to a big cement block thing and we couldn't tell what it was but we got up to the edge of it and you never would have guessed but a dang alligator jumped up and almost killed us hahahahaha.

November 16, 2015

Good afternoon!
Well It was a very boring week do to the fact I was sick for four days and laying in bed! haha I had a really bad cold that I had to fight off! but I feel better now!! so I dont really have a lot to type about! That Isis terrorist group are they muslim? cause I kind of just bought a traditional muslim wear haha 
Techiman is a rough place but we are here to help them grow so we will keep trying!
This is all for this week sorry Elder Porritt will probably give more details ;) haha

Elder Snow

Here is a bit of Elder Porritt's blog. It describes the Crusades they have there.
Elder Snow was pretty sick from Wednesday-Saturday so we didnt even go out most of the week.. even if we would have went out, it would have been hard for us to compete with the crusade that went down this week...
I have never ever seen anything so ridiculous in my life as what I saw with that crusade.  There was well over 10,000 people that gathered in the park and on the streets and just everywhere around that place and holy cow it was stupid.  we went down there on Thursday night to see the scene and I got a pretty good video of it all going down but the video is too big to send home.  The people just yelling hallelujah and jumping up and down. wowzer it was a site to see. I sent a picture of the sign they have had around town for a few months.  It is pretty comical haha!

                                                                                                  Moby, Elder Snow & Elder Porritt