Thursday, April 14, 2016

March 21, 2016

hey mom!
well it was a good week! we baptized brother emmanuel!! so that was sweet! this was an 8 week transfer so transfer news comes at the end of this week! I really want Tanner to teach me how to sing when I get home!! that would be so cool!!! I am working hard at the piano, I got the church keyboard lesson book and I am doing the exercises daily! 
I would just start strong with jesus the christ! I love it! it is such a good book! don't be intimidated! it is an easy read!! the spirit takes over and you can just keep reading!! (I told him I was thinking about reading Jesus the Christ)
Yes they celebrate (Easter) nothing to big though!!
Love you,

Elder Snow!

How are you doing?

I am doing superb!!

I was thinking about Jacob Dean the other day. Do you know how he's doing?

he is doing great! loves South Africa!

Oh that's really good! It's crazy to think all of you will be home this summer! What a wonderful reunion it will be!

haha it will be so sweet!!!

How is your power there? I know when elder ashby was there they had no power quite often.

we have it all the time!! hahaha

Oh that's great!
So I saw you met Elder Hill. His mom and I thought you two would get along well :)

ya we do haha! everyone thinks we are twins!!

Elder Hill & Elder Snow photo bomb by Elder Ashby :)

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