Thursday, April 14, 2016

February 29, 2016

Hunter didn't really send much of an email this week so I'll just post a little of our conversation.

im doing all right. i am not going to send a big email. nothing to say! but being a zone leader is like being a mother basically, you just take care of everyone make sure they are fine, make sure if they have questions we answer them, and what not, nothing special! just work! ha

Tell me about your new area

its very humid! but a lot of mountains! well hills but close enough!

Is it bigger population than your last area? How big is the ward or branch?

yes I believe so!! it is a branch it is about twice as big as my last one!

Oh that's good. Do you have any investigators? Do you have time to teach or are you too busy with zone leader stuff? 

we do, we just don't have too many right now but it is coming

Do you still use your wi fi camera? 

no I sold it!

Haha you did? To who? 

elder Ulu, he didn't have one and really needed one so I helped him out!

Haha good for you! 

ya I guess! he was a great guy!

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