Thursday, April 14, 2016

February 15, 2016

Good afternoon!
Well it was a busy week! Traveling to Kumasi on Wednesday then coming back on Thursday!
But it was nice going cause I got to go get a krusher from kfc to celebrate a little bit haha!! I don't have much to write but there are a lot of pics!
The birthday was fun! even though it was just another day of work!! It is weird that I am 20 now! It is kind of hard for me to even comprehend it! but all is well we are just starting the area up and teaching as much as we can! it is going good! still hot and very humid down here but no rain yet!!! there is so much gold mining equipment everywhere I go here! haha
I love you all!

Elder Snow

Elder Snow has been sending his pictures with low resolution to be able to send more and do it quicker. Sorry about the quality.

We sent him a Ninja Turtle Birthday party! :)

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