Thursday, April 14, 2016

April 4, 2016

hey mom!
I am doing great this week! just still at the work like always! haha they tried to broadcast (conference) but a lot of problems, so I only heard the talk about our true Identity as spirit children of God so that was a good reminder! we have a new elder in our apartment he is brand new and from Liberia! he is such a nice guy! very humble!!
I have a talk I want you to look up! it is called what lack I yet, from a few conferences ago!
Don't change the house too much haha I need to feel like im home when I get there ;) haha well that is cool everyone is getting their calls! it is weird, when they are leaving i will be on my way home!! ha
oh yeah I forgot to tell you about this thunder storm last Saturday! it was insane! it started at 1 in the morning! and went for 3 hours! every ten minutes it literally sounded like four people were standing right by you and shoot a shot gun at one time!! it was loud! but so awesome!!!

love you!

Elder snow

So how does Obuasi differ from the other areas you've been?

mountains! well hills but a lot of them! hahah

Oh that's cool. Do people live in the hills?

yep so we have to hike! I have some funny videos! you will see when I get home! haha :)

Oh good I'm excited to see them!

you will like them :)

I'm sure I will! Are you just being silly or dangerous? ;)


Oh my!! You better be careful!! ;)


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