Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November 9, 2015

Well not too crazy of a week for us here in the Dwumoh area! Just still working on it! We aren't having too much success here which can be pretty upsetting. But we will keep trying of course!
I got the package the other day! It was very nice so thank you for that! I just typed a lot after this but the internet crashed so It got deleted!!
Everything that happens here is just kind of normal to me so I don't talk about it! So sorry but the details aren't gonna happen too much! sorry!! (I beg for details every week :) but I'll take what i can get)
But that is cool you met Elder Porritts mom! I am sure you two had such a blast talking about your handsome young men ;)
That is no good about president Hills Wife! But I am sure he has a lot of comfort! He has the spirit! The knowledge of where she is, a whole lot of missionary's love, and his family! I will pray for him though! (The MP's wife in the Accra West mission passed away)
We went through some mud the other day! It reminded me a lot of duck hunting so it kind of sucked! haha then a very well done job by the over weight truck and crappy cement! and some sisters in the district! Sister Dadzie is on the left she goes home today and Sister Enabunlele she came the same time as me!
Love you all

Elder Snow

A few lines from Elder Porritt's Blog-
"I will be staying in Techiman with my good pal Elder Snow.  man that kid is awesome and we get along so well!! I am really enjoying my time with him" 
"Now this week there were some interesting things.  Elder Snow became a surgeon.  I don't know if you have seen the side of my big toe lately but some will remember it, it came from pitching when my toe would slide but I have that huge callace/wart on it and it has been hurting me recently so Elder Snow performed an operation and I will say that it was the most painful thing that I have ever experienced in my life and I really don't even know if it is going to be better for sure.. I will send pictures but man it was not pretty." 
Oh boy, looks like Hunter has a new career path! :) I can just hear him talking poor Elder Porritt into letting him "take care of it" :)

November 2, 2015

Well Happy Halloween!
No we didn't carve watermelon! too expensive!! (i've seen pictures of other elders doing this)but we celebrated with some popcorn and Fanta! haha no package yet! maybe next week!
We did dress up some ways so I'll send those pics!!
Not to much happened this week! Elder Porritt wasn't feeling well one day so we were in that day and plenty of rain this week too! So not a lot of cool stuff happened! It was a very slow week!! so that means small email ;)
But there is some good news!!! my Best friend Elder Madsen is now coming to Techiman to be my Zone leader!! haha he is such a sweet guy! We became way better friends when we got separated!!
I love you! sorry Halloween was slow!!

Elder Snow

This is Frita she is so cute!

Halloween costume#1 "Nerdy Missionaries"

Halloween costume #2 "Futbollers"

October 26, 2015

Well this week was an ok week! It is always so tough traveling to Kumasi. But it is fun to see the homies!! haha the drive is about 2 hours and 30 min. so it is killer small!! But still fun!
It isnt huma tine yet! it will be in a few months or next month haha I don't remember it very well! So we will see! (I asked him when that awful windy dry season was)
No package yet but it seems like it will be here soon!
I went on exchanges with the ZL this week and that was my South Africa brother Elder Botha! He is such a punny/funny guy!
I had probably the best shower in my life the other day! You can see the pictures! haha
sorry not too long this time! I will try next week!
Elder Snow

Our conversation-

Were you showering in the rain?
haha maybe :)
Oh my gosh haha! It is really coming down! Do you have a shower in your apartment?
yes we do! haha
Oh that's good. Is the water warm?
no haha! it is like the river!


October 19, 2015

well Good morning for you!
Well this week was an ok week! Still just small small! It is getting really hot and I wasn't ready for it so I have been a little dehydrated but don't worry I have been drinking more water! Sorry but I don't think that package will get here on time ;) but that's ok! (I sent one with Halloween stuff)
This is from Elder Porrit's blog last week. I asked Hunter this week if he thought that might be something he would want to mention to his mom! :)
"We were out about 5 miles away from our apartment on Friday and there was no possible way we could have made it back so we took cover but the rain just comes in sheets.  It'll drop 3 inches in 10 minutes easy.  The drain system is pretty good here luckily or else flooding would be massive.  But when we took cover from the rain, me and Elder Snow both saw it at the same time and we about died.  A funnel cloud.  I have never seen one in person so that was about the scariest thing of my life. But it was huge!!  So me and Elder Snow were panicking because to be honest a tornado would rip this whole city to shreds because nothing is built good.  Everything here is built like you would think in Africa, a tornado would destroy everything.  Thankfully when it was starting to get really really scary it started to go back up into the sky and disappeared.."
HEY MOM WE SAW A TORNADO! Just thought I would let you know ;) It wasn't even close to touching the ground! But if it did it would destroy this place! I have only seen that one! Me and Elder Sutherin almost saw one in Sunyani. It was spiraling but not with enough speed or down force! I want to see one but I don't because It would kill thousands do to lack of strength in the buildings here!! but I think one will happen soon to humble some of these apostate churches!! but we will see!! haha
Well I forgot to tell you but remember Mobby from Dichemso? My RC (recent convert) down there. Well I went to Sunyani then I heard he moved to Techiman! Then I moved here and the first day we were walking around we saw him in town! It turns out he lives in my area again!! haha so the Lord has something planned for him!!
The Branch is doing ok! Only about 20 active members!! But we are trying our best to strengthen it! It is going to take a lot of work! but I feel we can help it a lot! We starting teaching these two young men, Julius and Dennis! They are so awesome! They go to a boarding high school in our area and just came one Sunday and we started teaching them! They are really understanding and know it is true and they read from the Book of Mormon so that is great!
We have to travel to Kumasi on Wednesday for the training or something like that! So it will be a fun two hour drive! haha I am a traveling champ now! I can't sleep when I travel now! so If we ever go somewhere I can drive now!! ;) 5 months until my birthday! I am going to be an old man!! in no time! ;)
I love you

Elder Snow

Our conversation-
That's awesome about Mobby! He belongs with you! :)
haha I guess he does! We are teaching him missionary work :)

Here's a part of Elder Porritt's blog from this week.
"And OH BOY a good story about a pastor.  So Elder Snow and I were walking to a members house to have dinner and a guy in a nice truck pulled up to us and stopped us and his first words were, and I quote "You are the people who think Joseph Smith is the Savior right?"  Oh man when he said that I about fell on the ground and I didn't know how to respond because the question took me by such a surprise!!  But Elder Snow said No Jesus Christ is the Savior.  Elder Snow knows his bible very well and I believe he could bible bash with the best of them.  He was throwin out scriptures like a mad man with that pastor but eventually we just walked away.  It was quite the experience."
Love that Hunter! (both of them!) :)

A crazy storm that came in with a beautiful sunset!!

We were at a members and my comp passed out so I got a pic :)

Our Chapel 

October 12, 2015

Well it was a good week! This area is good we are just learning it! It rains a lot here! and I love it! The rain is the best thing ever!
I downloaded Elder Hollands talk last week! and holy cow that is powerful! Love you mommy :)
We had a sweet activity today we went to monkey village!!! It was so awesome! A lot of monkeys to feed! I got my goal of one jumping on me haha! It was actually two at one time! 
The branch is small but we are working at it! We have to fight all the traditions they do that need to be stopped! But all in all it has potential! 
haha Terrain? Mud, Mud, Mud, and a little more Mud. Food? they like waakye out here! it is nice I love it! but my poor comp Elder Porritt doesn't! haha I take it easy on him with food so don't worry ;) Ever since I got rid of the worm I haven't been getting sick! So that is awesome!!! haha getting sick sucks!
I have decided on mission I have gained my man stomach! I can just keep on eating and eating so that is nice!! 
I love you all very much!!!

Elder Snow

Our conversation-
The monkey is so cute! Mariah will be jealous! I'm so glad you don't get sick any more. does the food make your comp sick?
no haha mainly cause I don't feed him it all the time! just sometimes!
That's so nice of you :) what do you eat?
just easy meals haha indomie and egg mainly
How many elders do you live with? Who are the others? How many are you over?
There is 4 of us! Elder Adjie and I cant spell the others name! They are both from Ghana. There are 8 in our district!

A few pictures from Elder Porritt's blog.

Laundry day!