Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015

Well good afternoon!
This week was a good week! mainly because of the year mark thingy ;) I dont feel like I have been out here for a year though! I still feel like I have 2 years to go! haha the package was awesome! I loved the camel ;) haha and the carpet is wonderful! I love waking up and putting my feet on it so it feels like home ;)
the celebration was of course the traditional burning of a shirt ;) haha ill send the whole video! dont mind what I say haha!! i am awkward with the way I talk and think hahah
no there is three of us in the district! but in our zone it is only us three! (i asked if he was the only obroni in his district) :)
but we had a good district conference! with elder Curtis there! all the members traveled together to meet with him! and then we had a missionary one of course!! I think I have pictures!!
this week we had sanitation day for Ghana! so our neighbor made us clean our yard! and I weeded with a cutless, or machete and got a bad cut haha you will see the pic dont worry!!  but I cant really think of a lot to write about ha! so I love you and will send pics!

Elder Snow

I asked him what he thought about everything we sent in his one year package-
I ate one (cosmic brownie) and got sick hahaha but I loved the pictures so much!!! it made me so happy!!!

I said I was sorry he got sick from the brownie. He said
haha its ok  i liked it!! I love all of them!! haha they are fun to have!! (his rubik's cube and kendama)

I asked him exactly where he was so I could look at it on google earth.
it is called eusbett hotel where i am emailing!  penkwase Sunyani is where he lives


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

August 31, 2015

Well It was an ok week last week! just been working in the same area! trying my best to help it progress! I went on Exchanges with Elder Stempfley! he is the elder from mountain home! he goes home in a few weeks but he is an awesome guy! I will miss him when he goes! but I am glad I will see him when I go up to grandpas! haha I did get my package as you can see in the pictures I sent I was pretty happy about it!

It is crazy that it has been a year! sometimes is does feel slow, other times really fast! but the fast times are when I just lose myself and get to work! but I am sure this last year will be one of the fastest of my life! On Tuesday the entire mission met together to listen to Elder Clayton, he is in the precidency of the seventy! so it was cool to meet him! What I got from his talk was, he was was showing us that it might not seem like we are doing much but he reminded us that this is a young mission and we are laying the foundation for it! he said 40 years from now it will be strong! so I do look to that and see that it will be strong one day! cause It is easy to get discouraged because of the size! but I like how he put it! and not like boasting of myself but I can see some of my recent converts as future stake presidents and what not! so that is what it is about for me now! is the future not the now!

I love you all! and thank you all for everything! I'll see you in 1 year ;)

Elder Snow

August 24, 2015

Not a crazy big week of any excitement!
But on Tuesday I traveled down to Kumasi again! ha I am getting sick of that bus ride! It is about a 3 hour drive! but tomorrow we go down there again because Elder Clayton will be coming to speak to us! I am of course Excited for that!! but the travel! I will die haha!
In the Aaronic priesthood I got the three young men to read the Book of Mormon! they all read it by them selves! now they are moving on to D&C! haha they are going to be great missionaries! I know that for sure!!
Two of my recent converts got callings on Sunday! Moses as Branch Mission Leader, and Richard as Branch Activities Director! so I am very happy for them and their progress in the gospel!!
Being a district leader is good, my main responsibility is to have the missionaries in my district report to me on their daily work! so that is something I do every night now! but It is nice and fun to have a little more work to do! it mixes it up ok haha!!

sorry very boring today! I love you all though!

Elder Snow

I said- Hey bud! You are an awesome missionary! I bet those young boys just love you!!
His reply- they are fun to be with for sure!!
I said- So can you answer the questions from my letter?
His reply- what ones? ps you are like a reporter! haha
I said- The ones at the top. Your health, Liberia...
He said- like a reporter trying to get a story from a famous person! haha drive the questions!, health 3Y3 Liberia Bokooo hahah ;)
Me- Translate?
Him- health is fine. Liberia Is cool hahah (they have opened the Liberia mission again and one of his MTC friends Elder Verdoni gets to go help establish it.)
Me- Tell me your thoughts? Are you ok not going?
Him- I am happy in Ghana! I love the people I have served! and will continue to serve them for another year! I was thinking about it. I could go home right now and be so happy with the people I have already helped! so I cant wait for the last part of my mission!!
Me- That's awesome! You are a great missionary! Ghana needs you! Those sweet boys need you!