Sunday, July 19, 2015

July 13, 2015

Hola mi familia!
cada cosa es buena esta semana! como esta el tuyo?
haha just kidding I used google translate for spanish :) but everything this week was very good! I traveled down to Kumasi for elder Sutherin to be trained for district leader then I stayed the night at the aps apartment so the next day I could go back to Sunyani with my companion! haha It sucked cause I woke up at 530 on Tuesday to go down then 500 at the aps apartment to start the day! so it was pretty exhausting!
But my new companion! He is awesome! such a sweet guy we work really well together! in our first three days we got 6 new investigators! so I hope we can continue to do well! He is another Nigerian! so far I have been lucky with Nigerians I have heard of the way some are haha! but we are really good together!
This Sunday I was excited cause I was going to be the only white person at church! then we got there and a couple was visiting friends in Ghana and they are from Wales! haha so they said they will be here for two more Sundays then they will travel home! haha but they asked where I am from and I told them Utah then they said that I sounded European!! so that is cool! haha
Me do wo pa!!!

Elder snow :)

I asked-How are your shoes holding up? And your pants and shirts for that matter? Do you ever wear your keen sandals?
His reply- haha well my shoes could get hit by a tank and be fine my pants I just pulled out all the new ones but dont wear them cause the old ones are fine and I bought new shirts :) and I dont like sandles :)

July 6, 2015

Well I miss the Watsons a lot! I always tell people about how I worked at a firework stand! haha It was the most boring 4th of July in my life! how we celebrated is companionship study and we sang the hymns about America! haha but this week we got the news!
My companion is being transferred to Kumasi to be a DL and my new comp is Nigerian! we will see how this goes haha! I hear he is cool! I really hope so!
Not to much to report this week! I did send a package home! but you cant open it! just put in my room please :)
love you :)

Elder snow

I asked if he met his new Mission President. His reply...ya we did! he is such an awesome person! I really like him! he is hilarious!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

June 29, 2015

Hey everyone!
Sorry it is so late! had a busy day! so it wont be too long of an email! so sorry! haha

This week went well Richard and Felix were confirmed and given the priesthood! so that made me happy! 
We did almost see a thief get beat to death but he was able to get away from them! he had a broken nose though haha! he tried pickpocketing someone and someone behind saw him and clocked him in the nose and planted him on the ground! then lots started to beat him! but he got away! haha! pretty crazy! haha 
But this up coming week is a big one! the 2nd Cosgrave comes! (new Mission President) 3rd is my 10 month mark! 4th is independence day, 5th is Tanners birthday! haha so it is a very eventful week! Happy early birthday Tanner! I am the first because I am out here so this counts as the first official birthday wish! haha but I am excited for Pres. Cosgrave to be here! I see him as a typical Utah stake president so I can tell I will like him! haha but I love you all! sorry this was short and lame! I will try better next week ;) haha oh and we went to Kumasi and went to a new KFC they opened! haha and this is my friend Joyce! :)

Tanner's comment was "I guess you can't take the boy out of the missionary" :)
June 22, 2015

hey everyone!
So where are we at in reading? I need to apologize I kind of started reading ahead! but I want to go with you but it is just such a good book so I was getting a little far! so please tell me though! haha
But anyways it was a good week! finally seeing some success here! my good friend Felix was baptized, he is fourteen! and he is a future missionary for sure!! and then our other brother Richard! they aren't related! but just baptized same day! he looks older but he is only 28 haha! the weather was very dry! we didn't get rain until Saturday night! and even then it was just small rain! I did remember to take those pics this week so I have them for you today! and I have a question, a member had my camera during the baptism and took a pic of me baptizing Felix! is it bad? or can I keep it? haha It is a nice picture! I will show it to you!! haha but I wasn't doing to good a few weeks ago! I felt like time wasn't moving and I didn't feel the spirit! but me and my comp having started getting along a lot better so we have been feeling the spirit so much now! we are very obedient! it is tuff to do that when everyone around isn't! but we are seeing the blessings of it for sure!! I truly love the book of mormon! when I go home I will try and read it in less than a week! I don't have enough time out here!! haha but I started to learn how to bear my testimony in Twi! haha I never asked how to but I decided it would be fun!! so I am learning small small!
Me pe se me Adanse3
me nim se asorie en nokra
me nim se mormon nwoma no. nokra
joseph smith odifoo pa ara.
me do m'abunsua
me se di yesu kristo dean mu. amen!

haha good luck reading it! but I think you can try your best!! I love you all very much!! and miss you pa!! but we will be together in no time!!

Elder Snow :)



June 15, 2015

Hey everyone! how is the book of mormon reading coming?
I hope we are all still on track?
This week again was pretty boring! so you will get another
boring email so kafre y! but It was rather disappointing, we
were going to baptize Felix but we had a problem with the
water so we have to postpone it to next week, but next
week will baptize Felix and Richard! Richard has definitely
 been prepared for a long time! it is crazy how much he
loves all the teachings so fast! you see the Lords hand in
everything we do out here! and sometimes you don't see
 it until you look back and realize he was there with you!
This one guy we started teaching this week is probably
one of my favorite guys I have ever met in my life! haha
He was so drunk but wanted to meet with us so we
started teaching him! and he just randomly stops us
 and said I have a question! so we said go ahead, all he
said, "I am sooo happy right now! and I love you guys
 soo much! you leave your home your wife your kids to
 come and teach the gospel." hahahah I don't think he
 remembers ever meeting with us though! he was a
funny guy! Samquist is his name!
But I am still doing good nothing to report! It rains a
lot. It is humid a lot, it is hot a lot, I eat rice a lot, and
that's about it! but miss you and love you

Elder Snow
June 8, 2015

hello everyone!

Well this week was nothing to crazy out here! but I did get some bad news,
Sister Rebecca (my Recent Convert in Dichemso) got sick and passed away
But when I found out I didnt feel sad rather I felt peaceful! cause I was thinking
about it! We got to help her before her time! I know she is in paradise resting now!
So I have my first recent convert in spirit paradise! she was a very funny lady
Who only spoke twi! but all is well!
I am 9 months on mission now so that is pretty cool!! Only three more and I will
Officially be at my year mark! so hurray almost half way finished! next week we
are going to baptized brother felix he is 14 and just a way sweet kid that has future missionary written all over him!! so I am excited for that!
I thought of something I really want! It is the real fruit roll ups from smiths! those sound
so good right now!!! and trail mix!
So you say Mariah beat me but just so you know I was taking it easy on every party
I had! I was listening to my parents like I was supposed to so... She broke the rule
So she is disqualified!! and Ill come home and have a party and show you what I can really do if you would like??haha
I found the sexiest swim suite ever!! It is my favorite! here is a pic of it for you
love you!

Elder Snow

My question: Hi bud! I love your swimsuit! That's great!! Look how tan your arms are! :)
I'm so sorry about Sister Rebecca. How old was she?
His Reply: she was 50s I think! but ya check out the old man tan lines haha! I wont wear a shirt for a month when I get home! haha jk Ill probably be freezing so Ill wear a big coat!! :)

June 1, 2015

Hello Family,
This week was nothing extra ordinary just the same old same old! but We did meet this guy named Richard! he is such a powerful guy who has been prepared by the Lord for sure! he asks great questions loves the teachings and all of it! he will definitely be baptized soon!
The teaching continues to slow down in my area so it is pretty devastating but we are trying to keep it up!
and ya the weather here is not nice to us at all! you sweat when you shower you sweat when you sleep you sweat when you go to the bathroom! just sweat sweat sweat! and I am not sure what science is behind this but it rains every Wednesday! I think it may or may not be jujuo! haha
There is a crazy amount of frogs from all this water! they are pretty loud!! we try to avoid walking in the rain as much as possible! just because it sucks being wet! haha but I forgot your pics so sorry ha!
Lame email I know just nothing exciting!!

Love you, Elder Snow

My reply to him:Hi bud! It was a great email! We love hearing anything at all!
His reply:haha I know I know haha!!

May 25, 2015

Hey Everybody!
I am glad everyone is reading! keep it up! I read this week too :) haha
This week was a pretty normal week nothing too exciting or crazy,
But I do have some pics to send you guys :) and with these you will
see what real rain season looks like haha In one of these pics this field
 is the one we were playing on a few weeks ago! it now looks like it is a
 lake! haha I have a video I will try to send but it is of a church here and
 what they think church is supposed to be like haha you hear them
 always yelling, in the name of jesus and holy ghost fire hahaha
they are always"healing" someone haha but they are hired people who
 act sick or mad haha!! It is so hard not to laugh when I walk by them!
 and you will hear some where they are "speaking in Tongues" but all
 they do is say baababbleleelbabbablelele haha and they say it is tongues!
I saw some awesome fire flies!! I have to say they are probably the
 coolest thing ever! I wanted to get a pic but there was too much light
everywhere to see them! and something crazy we saw this week, a lot
 of people started screaming and looking somewhere so we looked and
 we saw this huge hawk swoop down and grabbed a baby chicken! haha
 It was crazy as it was flying away you could hear it chirping haha! but
thats about all! oh and there was a funny frog outside it sounds like it
 whistles so I would whistle then it would do it back haha!

Love you all Elder Snow