Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 18, 2015

Well Hello my Family,
This week was nothing too crazy going on just out teaching the gospel and enjoying it haha. After rain storms we always get frogs everywhere so I had to catch one!! haha one of our investigators changes oil so he has a pit for being under the cars and a lot of frogs got in there so we helped him to get all of them out haha! and I caught a baby Goat :)

During the week we were able to meet with this really nice lady and her kids! She wasn't able to come to church but her two sons came! one is fourteen the other is 8! They seemed to really enjoy church and I am sure we will see them there all the time and one day they will be baptized! The rain season is picking up a lot we get little storms almost everyday now! and after that the sun just starts evaporating it all so it gets humid so I feel like I am swimming while I am walking!!

 So this pic is with one of our recent converts his name is Moses! If you look closely you will see that he has some cuts on his cheeks, these are from the northern tribes that do that! you see so many different ones it is crazy! His tribe is Frafra! But He is such a humble guy and loves going and teaching with us! It is awesome!!

Love, Elder Snow

Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

hey so I am just going to send my weekly email to all of you :)

But this week was such a sweet week! we had the mission tour with Elder Dube! it was such a powerful time! he is seriously such a sweet guy! we learned a lot on how to help our investigators in different ways! he is very funny!! What sucked was we had to wake up at 5 so we could be out of the apartment by 530 cause we had to travel to Techiman!
Well the new area is very nice I am enjoying it so much! We don't get too many members to come but we are trying our best! President Holmes called a new branch president on Sunday that is why he was up there! He is a RM who just got home from Nigeria! So he is ready for this position so we hope working with him we can make this a very strong branch with plenty of members!!
So someone invited me to eat dog! I didnt feel mentally prepared for that so I had to decline the offer! haha but I did take a pic but I wont send it to you ;)
Today we had a sweet activity of playing football! haha we did district against district and we totally destroyed them! and we had all obronis except for one haha!! man I love football so much!!
 I don't get to keep in touch with people from the last area unless emailing and no one emails so I cant really talk to them!!
 I have heard the news about Liberia! If they call me there cool! if not I don't care I love Ghana!
 It is going to be nice to step on carpet again!! ;) you really miss the small things when you are out here! hahaha but I cant believe that it has already been 8 months! That seems almost too fast to be that long! The only thing that makes it feel long is that I say I have 16 months to go so it feels slower when I think that way! I still don't feel like I am getting that old on mission though haha! So for the calling you don't need to worry! what time is church at now? So I can know when to call you! It is way cheaper for me to call then to have you call haha! After this I call home 2 more times ;) haha
 I love you all so much!!
Elder Snow

I told him that yesterday in RS all of the missionary mom's gave a small report on how their Elder's and Sister's are doing. One of his best friends (Bennett who is serving in Germany) mom said that he was just transferred by a military base and there is a Taco Bell there. Hunter had mentioned in one of his first emails that he missed being able to swing by taco bell. So I asked if he knew that about Bennett and he said...
 ya I know he rubbed that in nice haha #thirdworldprobs! :)

Elder Asabre

Elder Lund

Elder Dube of the First Quorum of the Seventy

Elder Snow and President Holmes
This was a surprise picture on FB from Sis Holmes!