Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

hey mom!!
Ya that is my guy Elder Anderson! We made the connection this week that Madi and his sister work together! haha the new area is really sweet I am enjoying it a lot!! We did have the baptism go through so that was a good thing for us!!
Well geographical stuff the area is a lot more bush but no too much! It doesn't rain like crazy! and I am not in a ward I am in a branch of about 20 active members! The work here is going very well plenty of people to teach. Not too many understand the importance of finding a true church. They all believe all churches are from God so where you go doesn't matter! But we are trying to help and change that!!
No need to worry about me out here all is good still just the good old sharing the word of God and having as much fun as I can :) love you brebree!!

Elder Snow

                                          On transfer day I saw all the guys! (except Ashby)

                                                      The biggest problem with my new apartment!

            Just got on Facebook and Elder Ashby's mom sent me this! So he did get to see all of them!

April 20, 2015

Well this week was different being transfered and all that jazz but I love Sunyani already! It has a tiny branch with about 15 active members! There have been problems in the past with leadership so there are like 40 less active members! So we are trying to reactivate a lot of people! 
We baptized this guy named Francis on Sunday and holy cow he was prepared! He is over 70 but he said he came to church and knew it was the one! He even stopped drinking and smoking after his first time coming here! haha So I just got here for the baptism then we plan to have another one this upcoming Sunday! You need to tell Francis Child that I finally met a guy named Moses ;) and he is the one being baptized!! 
Elder Sutherin is a really sweet kid really likes to work hard! Our first day out we taught 10 lessons! We will have a lot of success here for sure!! 
So fufuo is so cheap out here in the bush! I love it so much! by the way fufuo is my favorite food in the world right now!! I don't want to send pics cause I don't know this cpu lab too well! Maybe another week! There is a field that when I saw it it totally looks like the one from twilight! hahahahaha I will show you soon!! but everything is just great! a really sweet apartment that is way bigger than my last one!! but all is well! love and miss you pah pah pah pah!

elder snow

I asked if he still has four Elders in his apartment and who they are...
Elder Anderson from Morgan, UT (It turns out he knows two of Hunter's friends form Morgan! Such a small world!) and Elder Odera from Kenya

                                                                The twilight field :)

Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

Well this week was a good week for us! We went to the mission home with brother Bright for a special interview! and he was baptized this Sunday!
I actually did get transfer news this week so don't worry!!! ;) I leave on Wednesday this week!! I am leaving Kumasi and going up to Sunyani!! haha It is a 3 hour bus ride from where I am and I have been told that it is a small branch and pretty village haha so I am super excited for this! and I will be companions with Elder Southeren from Shelly Idaho! (such a small world! My family is from Shelley and my cousin knows this family well) haha That is the Elder that Cambria told me to look out for!! so It is cool that we will actually be companions now!!
I have loved serving in Dichemso but I am so happy that I finally get to leave and go somewhere else!! The people here are way awesome and I will miss them but I am so ready for this! and I will be going from a ward to a tiny branch so that will feel very different!
This week had some crappy stuff go on at the apartment! first off our water stopped working for a few days so we were having to take bucket showers! that I didn't get too clean from ;) but it is back now! but then we were in Asokwa and a huge storm came in and we had to shelter up so we couldn't get back to the apartment, and the windows were left open so my room got destroyed! and my bed is right by the window so it got so dirty! and soaked! See pictures! So the rain season is going very strong right now! and It rains at least 5 times a week!! But I do love the rain! and the bad thing is I feel very cold with just a small drop in the temperature! so I will be crying when I get home for the winter!! I told mimi and papa that I might go and live with them! haha
I love you!
Elder snow

                      Sister Holmes posted this picture on Facebook. She said, Happy missionaries.I gave them some marshmellows. All I had and a fan ice. Cant get them here in Kumasi I bought them in Accra.So they were very happy! Just love her! She is a great MP wife! 

                                                          Last Week in Dichemso
April 6, 2015

Well I am starting to write my email through out the week then just type what I wrote down!  cause most the time I get here and forget everything I wanted to say to you! haha
This week was ok we had some stuff going on! We had a zone conference! and that went well even though it felt very long! Its main topic was about asking inspired questions, I realized that I don't ask too many while I am teaching even though I need too! So I am going to be practicing that skill for the next couple of weeks!
The next big thing was on Friday when I turned 7 months on my mission! that last month just flew right by! It doesnt sound like much but Rome wasn't built in a day ;) and next month is the wonderful month where I get to call home!!! I sent you your letter early so I hope you get it soon! I wanted to be sure that it was there on time for you! 
There is a rumor going around from the office elders that our area is getting White washed so me and Elder Madsen both leave the area! That will be crazy!! I will tell you next week if it is true! We find out transfer news this weekend! Lets hope for the best :)
 So I know where I am going to school now ;)It is going to be at UVU, Elder Madsen went there for a year and it sounds like a fun school! I will try and get Brycen Whiteley to go with me :) haha

Then I thought I would share something spiritual with you so you don't think I don't study ;) The other day I was reading in the book of Second Peter! and I just was seeing the prophecy made there and how much it has been fulfilled in these days! 2pet.3:3-4!
I love you so much!

Elder Snow

                                                 Baby Davis. How to carry bby here

                                                                    Zone Conference

March 30, 2015

Hey mama :)
You better let Sterling know that it is a life size poster so I have him beat by a lot! haha! It is crazy I think we look a lot a like in that picture! (I sent him a picture of his recently RM cousin who came to visit) 
haha but anyways nothing really crazy or exciting this week! except the big celebration for Relief Societies birthday party!! 176! That is insane!
I am excited to remind you that this week I will be turning 7 months on my mission! This friday! it is crazy that it is that fast already! I felt like I just told you about 6 months!! I feel that I have learned a lot already! and I am ready for my next area!! I am getting kind of bored in the area still! but I will keep working with it!
I need some more stamps by the way! I will run out soon!! Transfer news comes in two weeks time so I am hoping that I get some and get to go somewhere else! and sweeter! haha 
Today was somehow weird! We saw like 12 obronies that weren't missionaries! They are mainly from Germany! and last week we met a Ghanain who lives in Atlanta Georgia! He said he was visiting for a month then going back! but it is always cool to hear an American accent! I saw posters for the Freetown movie! I want to see it so bad! It looks way awesome!
My health is doing good! I actually went to a store that had scales so I could see if I have gone up down or up! cause when I left I was about 150 pounds but I am now at 165 hahaha! It must be the fufu ;) I absolutely love it! It is my favorite food ever!! 
That is cool that they are calling more!(I told him I have seen on facebook a few kids have gotten called to Kumasi, leaving this summer) when do they come here though? Are these like the kids that are seniors? and I hope somebody close to us gets called here! that would be the sweetest thing ever!!
I love you so much! Elder Snow

March 23, 2015

This week went well! Nothing too crazy going on!
But that movie sounds sweet!(we went to see a movie called Freetown about missionaries in Liberia in the 90's that fled because of the civil war there. We told him how it was hard to understand some of what they were saying because they had accents. All of the actors were from Ghana) haha their accents aren't even bad!! I will have to tell you everything that they are saying when I get home  :) haha But you might not understand me at that point ;)

 I just read that talk the other day! It is pretty cool! I like it! (Elder Dallin H Oaks talk from October conference 2014) So I have another package that I want to send home! It is just some clothes!

Missionary life is probably the best kind of life there is! I love it so much! all I get to do is teach people and study the scriptures and play smmmaaall soccer ;) haha but I have already learned so much about our religion out here and it has only been six months! but the six months went by fast! so I feel that time is going to continue to fly!

I have really had trouble trying to help this investigator named Francise! he sometimes comes to church then he won't and we have taught him everything but we are reviewing most of it with him now! but we will continue to try and teach him and help him progress! then brother Bright who we were going to baptize last week has to get a special interview from president! but he is traveling to Accra today so that won't be for two more weeks! but he is such a powerful guy who loves the gospel!!
Sister Monica is so funny! I told her how I am probably leaving in about 3 weeks and she told me that we aren't friends any more haha! but she is just kidding! so it is ok! but leaving Dichemso will be bitter sweet! but I just feel that I have been here for so long!
I love you!!

Elder Snow :)

those are ground nuts! I was making ground nut cake! it is a nice candy!

I don't know why this video isn't playing right. But you get the idea. :)

March 16, 2015

Well it wasn't too crazy of week but we did some fun stuff! We got invited to go to the lake with the single adults in our stake so we went and enjoyed that! It really sucked not being able to swim! but nobody can actually swim they all stay in the part where they can stand haha! most of them will sink if they aren't careful ;) haha
Our ward has all that stuff (I asked if they have Primary, Relief Society, Elder's Quorum etc.) but everyone is kind of not serious but they try small! there are maybe 150 members in this ward but a lot of LAs (less actives)
I will be honest with you I don't follow a lot of what the nurse says with the food cause they don't really know the food! I know what is safe and what isn't and what I can eat and not so don't worry! I have started to eat more fruit! I love pineapple here!! It is so sweet!
We went to the zoo today!!! It was fun to see animals but kind of sad! The animals were in crap cages and no free room! so I decided I will buy it one day and make it super awesome! and make sikka bre bree!(not sure what that means, I keep forgetting to ask him) haha and I think it would be a fun project to make a sweet zoo here! I just need to find a way to make enough money first! haha so I will try! and don't tell anyone but I jumped in the cage with the giant tortoise hahahahaha it was huge! Ill send a pic! haha And the monkeys were funny. If you start clapping one of them will start to dance for you!! hahaha and then you give them bananas and they love them!! haha but the lions looked bored and had no roaming room so they just sleep!!
but I sent a lot of pics yesterday did you get them??

Love you! Elder Snow

I said, Hi bud, That's cool you got to go to the lake. I'm glad you couldn't swim, that water looks questionable! As long as you are careful about what you eat I'm good! That's sad about the zoo. That's how I feel about the animals at Lagoon. They shouldn't be in cages!

So how is your new apartment mate? He looks nice.

he is the sweetest! haha I am having him teach me tongan!! hahaha

Any investigators?

ya I have about 13 investigators! about 7 are progressing right now though!!

March 9, 2015

Tell Tanner mensaka! or he is invited to wear it! haha (He sent home a really cool shirt that Tanner loved)
I am so happy that the package got there. I was pretty worried about it! I want to send another one soon!! I would like to go to the beach! that would be really fun! I was thinking about the amazing race the other day haha I was wondering if they ever came to Ghana! Make them eat like a whole bowl of fufu or something ;) haha maybe when me and Tanner go on the show it will come here :) There hasn't been a time where I felt even a little bit threatened! so don't worry!! (I asked him if he ever felt afraid or not safe)
It is crazy how nothing is scary out here! I was thinking the other day that if I wasn't a missionary I would be pretty scared here! but I just don't feel any fear for anything out here!!

We had the sweetest surprise on Saturday this week! We just finished a lesson and an investigator called and told us to hurry and come over it is an emergency, so we thought the worst and were freaking out small so we hurried over there! and when we got there they had a wonderful bowl of fufuo waiting for us!! we enjoyed a lot!! :) I have officially decided that fufu is my favorite food in the world! so can you look up and learn how to make what is called light soup? then we will make neat fufuo with the soup! I would love that so much!!:):):) haha
Just let me know if you find out how to make it ;)

It is crazy that Sterling is done!! Tell him to email me when he gets home so I can talk to him!! I am kind of upset I never emailed him while out here! He seems like he progressed so much!! (Sterling is his cousin who just returned from his mission in Brazil)

But I love you and miss you! but I don't want to come home anytime soon ;) kafre Y!
Elder Snow

I took nice pics but I can't send them cause I'm in my suit so I can't show you until I am getting home ;)
March 2, 2015

good afternoon! well morning for you!

This week was a pretty normal week! No transfer news for me so that's no fun for me I want to go somewhere else so bad! but I have 6 more weeks here! Elder ndjendja goes home tomorrow! so that sucks he was such a sweet guy! but now I can say I have a friend in Namibia! haha!
I turn six months tomorrow!! :) the time is starting to fly! months go by really fast!! I seriously cant believe that Sterling is going home already! It was  just the other day we were at his farewell!
 Mobby is by far my favorite Ghanaian! He is such a cool guy! I won't like it when I get transferred and have to leave him! but I will find more friends!

I am loving it out here though! It is hard to remember my old habits! not like the basic ones like drink mountain dew but how I used to talk and stuff like that! I sometimes hear when I say something different than I used to! but for the most part I am the same!
I really hope the package I sent home gets there safely! and I hope you enjoy it!

My life Is going to be very different when I go home! but I think it will be a very good different! I am excited for it! but I am enjoying my mission so much that I dont know If I will like home for a couple weeks maybe months! hahaha I find it difficult to miss home at this point! no offense ;) haha but I just love it!
I love you!

Elder Snow