Friday, February 27, 2015

February 23, 2015

Hey Mom!!
This week was a pretty good week! We have been getting some sweet investigators and had a few baptisms lately! Transfers come up at the end of this week and I would want to leave if I can! That would be sweet to go to a new area already! I will feel a little older on my mission when that happens!! I am sorry about your friend that is no good!( I had a good friend from high school pass away)
Not too much to write about this week though nothing too crazy or exciting or fun! but I took quite a bit of pictures! One of them there is a house that has a full pond around it and the guy walks through it and still lives there!! It is weird!!  We had a fireside activity on Friday! Remember your activity where very little showed up!? Well ours started at five and no one was there until six! So we just sat around and waited forever!! haha

Love you! Elder Snow

I asked if the water around this house is really that green. 
He said- It isn't green it is a plant! haha but you always see fish and snakes move!! (ugh! no thanks!)

                                        This is Michael, Mobby and Kwabena from left to right.
                    I actually baptized Mobby on Sunday! haha and we just started teaching the other two.
I asked if he was the one with all the tattoos that wears basketball jerseys. (he wrote about him a few weeks ago)
He said- Yep!
                                        I asked what they are eating
                                       He said- that is yam and empasy haha I dont eat the
                                        stew cause it makes me sick haha :)

Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015

Hello my mother!
Well birthday week went well! I enjoyed those cup cakes so much! I about cried when I took my first bite! ;) haha but as you saw in those pics they soak you on your birthday so that was a very wet day! haha but I am so happy that I have the first birthday out of the way! So many people were disappointed when they asked how I was going to celebrate and I told them I will go and teach! haha I don't think I could handle leaving on my mission this late!(I told him how if the age change hadn't happened he would just now be getting ready to go) I am glad I got out when I did! I even wish it was sooner ;) but anyways Life is Wonderful! I am hoping for transfer news in two weeks so I can go somewhere new! Like Liberia ;) ( oh that crazy kid! He will go anywhere!)haha

So the hair cream stuff isn't what I meant haha but I am keeping it because It smells so nice ;) But the Axe Hair Gel!! that's what It needs to be :)(He can't find hair product for "obroni" hair there) I need Icy hot haha We played football today and I am so sore!! I can't handle it hahaha;)

I gave a talk the other day! It went ok not to good haha but about five minutes before elders quorum they asked me to teach! haha And that was absolutely awesome! It was so much more fun teaching in class then sitting there and listening! After that the elders quorum president asked if I taught at home, then I told him no, then he asked if I taught primary so I told him no again, Then he said "well it must of been the spirit" hahahahahaha It was funny but so true!!
 I got all the grandparents shirts and skirts haha so I should be good for a while ;)
 All is good out here :)
Love you!
Elder Snow

This is how I sent him cupcakes...
in a Pringles can!

Friday, February 13, 2015

February 9, 2015

Hey mom!!
Well this week nothing very exciting happened. My comp wasn't feeling well again so I was in the apartment most the week! The shirt and skirt (in the pictures) is Mimi and Papa's. I am going to order some for Grandpa Barry and Grandma Phyllis. Then for Grandpa Rich and Grandma Suzie!
Well the Africa cup ended yesterday! Ghana was in it and played Ivory coast! We went to a members to watch it!! haha But Ghana lost in pk kicks! Everyone was so mad!! It was crazy!! But that black jersey is my favorite by far!!! And they cost 5 Usd! Those awesome sweats you saw only cost 8 Dollars!!
The weather there sounds crazy! But I am surprised Biehn had a shirt on! (I told him our neighbor mowed the lawn this week in shorts and a tshirt) Thats kind of weird!!
So I have the coolest investigator that is going to be baptized next week! His name is Mobby! and he looks like an American black guy! haha He has tattoos all over his body and wears basketball jerseys! He actually came and played basketball with us this morning! haha he definitely doesn't play like an American though ;) he is a football player for sure!!
But any ways, I am doing a lot better! haha Sickness is coming to be a small thing that doesn't matter! It takes a lot more to take me down than just a headache or stomachache now! haha knock on wood!! but Everything Is good!
With the skirts for Mimi and you, they will probably need tailored by you guys haha! He just made them bigger!
I love you very much! :)
Elder Snow

February 2, 2015

Everything this week went well! I got your packages! I had an early Valentines day but I decided to wait for my birthday one so you wouldn't be mad at me ;) I am coming up on my five month mark tomorrow! I cant believe I have been out here that long!! I am enjoying it of course!! but It has been some sweet things happening! The Africa cup is going on! It is just the football tournament with the Africa continent! When you are outside and Ghana is playing, they will score and you just hear the loudest roar from all around you! It is so awesome!
 I will need a new suit when I get home by the way, mine is kind of Ghanafied, if that is a word! But It is! haha you will love it when you see it :) and I am sorry but I am done telling you guys when I have a baptism :) I want that number between me and God :) sorry!
 I cant believe she is that old! (Mariah turned 16) That is definitely crazy! I like the Mazda though! That fits her! oh and you will be happy to know that I stopped wearing the Nike's and am just wearing the Eccos now! haha Sorry this week is lame because last week was so awesome ;) but I love and miss you and pa!!  Elder Snow

Our "boy band" pic ;)
Soldiers in the Army of the Lord! ;)