Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015

Hello my beautiful mother!!
So sorry about last week I was not feeling well at all!! haha I was throwing up from Monday until Thursday! So I didn’t get out of the apartment until Friday!! And all I can say is don’t drink unpurified water!! haha I thought I was ok drinking but I was sadly mistaken! haha and I told one of my Ghanaian friends that is what made me sick! And he said that I can drink it now and it won’t make me sick again!! hahah I declined him nicely!! But my last two weeks was nice! I enjoyed it besides being sick! haha We had a sweet investigator come to church for his first time and he totally felt the spirit! He was so happy and couldn’t stop smiling!  We taught him lesson one and two before he came and he totally understood the message and Is definitely going to progress towards baptism!! Man I am loving my mission right now! Even though I get sick all the time it’s awesome! On Sunday we had a baptism so it was very nice!! and the other companions in Dichemso had a baptism too so we had both of them be baptized by a member!
 I absolutely love studying the scriptures!! They are the best thing ever! Yesterday we went in the apartment early at about 7 and I studied them until about 10! I am in the New Testament and it is my second favorite so far! Cause you absolutely can’t beat the Book Of Mormon! I am starting to read it again! Because you really do learn something from it every time you read it!
So the other day we were talking to this mom, and she asked our names and she heard my name and said "Oh that’s who my kids are talking about! They always say I am going to play with my friend Elder Snow" hahahah So The kids around the area know me now so they yell Elder Snow instead of obroni! haha so it is funny hearing them!
 I absolutely loved that talk so much!(I told him about our RS lesson on the talk “Which Way Do You Face” I asked him if he had read it in the conference ensign I sent him) It is a way cool talk! I have read almost all of them out of the Liahonna! haha I love the Ponder the path of thy feet talk! It was powerful!
So transfers were last week and I am still here in Dichemso! And I am enjoying it but I think I am leaving this place next transfer! I am not excited for this transfer to end though! Because Elder Ndjendja goes home! He will be the first one of my good mission friends to leave! So that will suck for a while! But I’ll make it through it!
Don’t worry the wind and dust stopped.  We are finally getting back into rain season so I am excited for that! I love the rain so much here! It will just starting poring sometimes then stop 15 minutes later so when It starts we huddle under an umbrella or building with all the Ghanaians! And if you keep walking in the rain all of the ones under the stuff will yell at you to come get under with them so it is funny!!
 I have been getting a lot more promptings since I started studying the scriptures more! On Sunday after church and the baptism then the meetings I had a prompting to go see Brother Bright! And when we got there he had his three brothers there so they will all be investigating the church now!!  Then while we were walking back from their  house this one guy yelled to us to stop so we started  talking to him and he wants to come to church and be a member! haha so we will start teaching him on Tuesday and I really hope that he progresses!! I was shocked when he was saying that because this guy had a Nuggets basketball jersey on and tattoos all over him, so that kind of proves that you don’t judge by their outward appearance or even their past mistakes!! I will send some pictures today don’t worry ;)
I love you very much!

Elder snow

This is Ron's shirt and a skirt for me! Love it! He's so dang cute!!
January 19, 2015

Elder Snow was so sick this week he couldn't leave the apartment. But I got a nice email from another Elder so I wouldn't worry. (I still worried about his health, but at least I knew he was ok)
January 12, 2015

Hey mom! How are you?
This week was not too good of a week for me! We started the week with Elder Madsen having a bad headache so we couldn’t go out.  Then we had zone conference on Thursday! But the day after that was just the best feeling ever.... Not!! haha I was up all night throwing up everything I have ever eaten in my life! haha It was very gross! But It passed already so don’t worry too much! I hope that home is just dandy! Cause Ghana Is super duper! Hummatine or whatever you call it (Harmattan Winds) is killing me though! It is a time where it becomes really dry and no rain for a few months! So my throat is always dry and my eyes always are killing me!! but I already used my Christmas money to buy some sweet stuff! I am not showing you any pictures of the stuff I am bringing home because it is a surprise! After next transfer I will be six months on my mission! It will be here in no time! My mission is starting to pick up speed! And I am sure once I go to my first new area that is when it will become the fastest time for me! The weeks just kind of blend together now a days! But Ghana is going great! We have a few investigators that are really progressing! One’s name is Brother Francise! This guy just decided to visit the church one day and he has come every day since then! So we have been teaching him and he says that he knows it is true so I pray that he continues to feel the spirit when we teach him about the Gospel! I love you very much! and miss you so much (especially when I am sick, Or when I have to make my own food!) ;) I miss having fast food around all the time so I can’t just drive to taco bell or anything! I have to buy stuff then prepare it all! haha but I started to play basketball every morning with Elder Ndjendja! The chapel actually has an outdoor hoop! And I bought a ball so we go ahead and play! I am going to try and get some natives to play and I will teach them how haha!
I love you!

Elder snow :)

(I "borrowed" these pictures from his MP's wife who is so great about putting pics on facebook. These are of the dust storms Hunter is talking about.)  

                    Zone Conference -Elder Snow is on the second row from the back, third one in. :)

January 5, 2015

I don’t know how people can type super long emails! For me it is tuff to do that! But I try just for you mom ;) Last week was a pretty good week! And we teach a lot of people! We have one investigator that is progressing very well!  I hope I am still in the area to see him be baptized! I am very happy in Ghana but of course tuff times come up I just don’t email those to you ;)  In march it will be six months! That is crazy for me to know that I am almost a quarter of the way done!
I don’t have a lot of pictures to send anymore because I’ve been in this area for a while so I don’t take a whole lot! You are sending my package?? Sweet!! haha but for the hair gel I actually want two bottles of the Axe hair cream stuff not gel! gel just sweets of too easy! haha :)(he asked me to send this a few weeks ago because he can't get "obroni" hair stuff there and he's tired of just shaving his head and getting sunburned) :)

I love you very much!

Elder snow

I asked him what they did for New Years-haha well nothing at all!  There isn’t much to do! And you can’t teach cause everyone goes to church for New Years! And our church party started at like 10 at night so we didn’t go to that! haha

December 29, 2014

Not much to talk about because it was Christmas and all that haha! But this week I hit my 4 month mark! So that is a sweet thing! My time is picking up speed! It started moving faster when I got my new companion! I am so jealous that you guys started to get snow! I was hoping you wouldn’t get any at all! because I’m gone! But I guess you can enjoy it! I am learning more and more about the gospel with every day that goes by! And It is absolutely sweet! The church is true! And I know that because I prayed about it! Which is what we challenge every investigator to do is to pray!  I have gotten to the point where I can prove that it all makes sense! Everything we do in church is for a reason! And it is in the Bible but people mistake it and interpret it out of context! I love this gospel! 
 I love you very much!

Elder Hunter Snow

December 25, 2014

I'll see if I can add some of the video from our Skype. Check back to see :)

December 21, 2014

I just sent him a small email not sure if they would be emailing due to Christmas later in the week. But he did respond...

Hey we had an activity but I am here! haha So I think I won’t be able to skype until later in the day! and calling won’t be for a little too!
 Kelvin is such a sweet kid!  He is nine and very smart and loves church!(He is the son of Sister Monic who was baptized a few weeks ago) I don’t have a long email so we can talk more on Thursday!

Love you

I asked how his new companion is- He is cool! We get along very well! And we will hang out when we both are home! He goes home 3 months before me!

December 15, 2014

Good morning mom:)
My week went well! It was transfer week so that was different for me but I am glad that it wasn’t me moving anywhere! But Elder Madsen got here fine and is all settled in now! How hot does it say it is? cause it feels pretty cool most days! haha but I don’t know! I don’t have any way to check the heat so it just is what ever!(I had asked him if he knew how hot it was there) My new companion is so sweet! He is from Highland Utah! He is 21 and has been on his mission for 6 months now! so he is only two transfers ahead of me! So we are a young companionship! But I am having so much fun now! Training was a drag that took forever and it wasn’t fun! But now my mission is absolutely sweet! Teaching is so fun! haha It is funny we always get contacted by J-dubs, but I am nice to these last people that talked to us because they are really so nice! They are both about 65 and married haha! So I really like them but they have been brain washed and blinded for a long time! And I doubt that I can get them to see the light but I will try for sure! I am so excited for Christmas time! You have no Idea! How we will celebrate is a zone activity and then on Christmas day our apartment is all pitching in to make pizza! haha But I was wondering do I get a christmas bonus?;) I want to by a washing machine! and they are about 350 GHC! haha So all those boys were the kids that we were playing soccer with small! and I brought my catapult and they all had some so we saw whose could shoot further! and I didn't lose!  I love you very much mom 

Elder snow

December 8, 2014

Hello! So this week was great! I had my first two actual baptisms! haha I am so happy that I finally had success! but anyways Elder Nweke is transfered to Nkronza and will be comps with elder Verdoni! I am still in Dichemso and my new comp will be Elder Madsen! So two obronis together we will see how that goes! This week was a hard working week we taught 21 lessons this week! And I am finished with my training!!! I love Ghana! We have a lot of people progressing for baptism soon so that will be cool to have them be baptized too! So I can't wait to call home for Christmas! I am excited for that! It will be here in no time! I hope home is good! I want it to snow here so bad! haha I am praying for it so much! hahaha maybe thats why it isnt snowing there! so you are welcome ;) Not much this week! The picture of me and my friend his name is Alex and he is 18! He is a cool guy! 
 I love you very much! Elder snow

I asked who he lives with now-For now the same! haha Wednesday my new comp comes! and Elder Twede and Ndjendja are still here!

I asked if he knew where his new comp was from-I believe the factory! (Utah) haha

oh And that is brother Daniel and Sister Monic that got baptized yesterday! They aren't related or anything! Just on the same day! (I asked if he could tell us a little about them) Well brother Daniel looks like he is 30 but he is 48! haha and even sister Monic is 38! They both have strong testimonies! It took a few tries to get sister Monic under the water! The women here are scared of being under water haha!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

December 1, 2014


So I got the package on Thursday! But I do not know what day Thanksgiving was so I ate it on Thursday haha! This week was a pretty good week! But there was some crazy stuff that went on too! We saw these young girls drinking when we walked into a compound! They were 4, 8, and 10! They were all passing around a bottle of Guiness and drinking it! So that was new! I leaned to my companion and told him that a four year old has drank more than I have in my life! haha, But we taught brother Emanuel who is really educated and smart in the bible! He accepted a baptismal date for the 28th of December! Thanks for the packages! The alarm clock is good but I have a problem with it! It is like a mouse trying to wake up a Grizzly bear from hibernation! haha So can you find a Digital alarm clock that is battery power and louder! haha!  haha I am having a good time in Africa though! My last week of training is this week! So that will be so much better! I will be so much happier! and I am addicted to buying jerseys haha! but they are dirt cheap! I am so excited for Christmas! So I can call home!  So I bought a piano :) haha I suck but I am learning! I bought it for 60 Cedis! I am getting good at reading notes! By the end of my mission I will be an expert though :) I love you very much! 
Elder snow

I asked him if he liked his Thanksgiving package and Did you eat it all? Or are you rationing it?
He said- well lets just say there isn't any left!;)

I told him- People want to hear about you and how you are doing. 
He said-  Being an elder is sweet! haha I love teaching! I am getting better at it! but it is coming small           small! the people of Ghana are sweet! 

                                                                    A picture of our zone! haha 
 There is one with Sister Latianara who goes home next week!
 The one with the guy pointing at me is Elder Ward! Then elder ward on my left and Elder Ruske on my right! 


                       Me and some of my MTs, Sister Enebulele, Elder Mendoza, Elder Udoh, Elder udoberg!
                                     This is Elder Moyo on the right me on the left! He is from Zimbabwe! 
      The two guys where I am in the middle, the one on the left is Julius and on the right is Jeffery! 
These two are some of my favorite members! They are such cool guys! Julius always 


Elder Nweke and I got our shirts made so we are posing in them!

This is Christian Twum. He is in a member family. He is so cute!!

                                                                  Elder Snow's Jersey collection!
November 24, 2014

Well this week was a pretty normal week! Nothing too crazy happened so there isn't much for me to write about today! sorry! We had an interview scheduled for brother Daniel to be baptized but he wasn't able to make it to it so that kind of sucked! But I am almost done training! That will be nice! I haven't gotten the Thanksgiving package yet! so I am waiting for that! This weekend for church we had a stake conference! It was a broadcast only for West Africa! So that was pretty cool! They mainly talked about how they need to give up their old traditions! So they chastised them small! I am excited for next month, Christmas so I finally get to call home! I am not feeling well today but I am sure it will go away soon! You should go to Disney land! That would be sweet! I love you so much!
Elder Snow

This is the day his Thanksgiving package arrived!
Sister Holmes was so sweet to post this picture!
Made my day!