Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

This week was very cool! We watched how they make pots and I videoed all of it but I cant email it! you will see it in two years don't worry! haha We went to a crazy place to teach this family the other day! It's called a Zongo! It is where a bunch of muslims live! but it is very poor! The houses are just big pieces of metal welded together and the apartments are tiny! All of them are just one room and they always have a mattress on the ground! But the people are awesome! We have had some baptisms fall through so I haven't had another one yet! But at the end of this month and the start of December we have a lot planned for so I am hoping that they follow through with them! So In the picture with the little boy his name is Pastor! We walked in his compound and he ran over to me and just started staring at me! So I put my hands out and He wanted me to pick him up so I did! Then he just started to hug me! It was so cute haha! I hope that Grandmas wedding was awesome! I am sad that I missed it! and Mariah's friend is funny haha! (We had a cardboard cutout of Hunter made for the wedding. Mariah's cute little friend thinks Hunter is "hot" so she kissed the poster and had Mariah take a picture)  So I love having that cocoon blanket! That thing is awesome! And for any missionaries coming to Ghana I recommend more gray pants than black! They don't show as much dirt! But I want to buy a key board! So I can learn how to play piano! That would be sweet! I love you very much!

Elder snow 

Hey dad!
My teaching is going well! I am getting better at presenting the lesson! I struggle at adapting my lessons to the different smartness of people! My comp is good! We get a long well. My favorite food is Fried Plantains and definitely banko! haha it is nice! The people are good! They are very funny people and everyone I talk to tells me how they want to end up in America one day haha! But it is all well here! 
 It is crazy that I am living the experience that I will talk about for the rest of my life! love you! and miss you!

November 10, 2014

Well this week was a pretty good week for me! We taught some good lessons and have some baptisms coming up really soon! We were supposed to have one yesterday but the guy has to be interviewed by the mission president so it should be this week! He is very responsive of the message that we share and wants to live it so that is good! I don't know if I will go to Liberia me and Elder Verdoni always say that we will but the older guys here just kind of say no you aren't and tell us to shut up! But I think there is a chance! they arent going to send a whole bunch of brand new missionaries there so why not! I would gladly go and serve there! I have been working out a lot more so I am hoping to get bigger soon! haha whoever said that Ghana has a rain season and a dry season is a liar! It rains at least 2 or 3 times a week! and it pours! I bought some jerseys finally! It cost about 7 dollars a jersey so it is dirt cheap haha! I only have four weeks of training left! So I think things will become less stressful! I always get myself scared before teaching but lately I have figured out how to calm down. I just think how I was born with the gospel and I know everything about it! So just tell the people what I know! So that is my new mentality and it has worked! Sister Monic is coming to church again so that is powerful! But we dont know about baptism yet we are waiting! But anyways this week there were these two white preachers that came to Kumasi to have a big show thing! So we didn't teach to many investigators because they were there! haha but no pictures this week! We are in a different internet cafe and I dont really trust the system so I am not plugging anything in! But I love you!
Elder Snow

I was able to ask a few questions: Hey bud how are you?  hey mom! I am cool! how is home? :) loved his response!  I bought a rice cooker! it is so cool! haha and I bought two jerserys and some cleats and only spent 20 usd haha

Are you still teaching the 19 year old? not to much! he doesn't have time to meet with us ever.

Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

   So this week was not a bad week at all! But ya it was crazy, Halloween didn't feel like anything to me! I used to love it so much at home! But out here they don't celebrate it so nothing even reminded me of it! But I really miss the office party that dad always has! On Monday last week we had a big zone activity where we played a lot of football so that was always fun! But on Friday there was a huge stake activity! There were 3 Wards and they all had their football teams! The missionaries made a team and played against them! They were good!! haha they practice together a lot! But there was only a few reasons we lost... one, we had too many white guys on the field, and two, some just stood out of the way and didn't play! I didn't yell at them so that is a sign that I have changed just a little bit ;) haha my accent has gotten good! Most people can understand me! Sister Monic stopped ignoring us so we started just having fun with her so she doesn't think we are there just to baptize her! Then this kid named Alex is progressing a lot! He has a baptismal date for the 16th he is 19! He was telling me that when I go home If I know anyone that needs them to wash for them or clean, He will do it! He would do anything they ask him to do! As long as he gets to America It will be ok! haha I have a lot of people tell me they will go to America one day! haha but I have a lot of people add me on facebook! So if they do make it there they can message me so I could go see them sometime! I sent a lot of letters home so be ready for those! It might be a while though! So I can eat any food! All MT tells me they don't like this stuff and I'm just like I eat it and it tastes good to me! And nothing makes me sick anymore so that is good! This week all of the elders in my apartment pitched in and bought some protein so I am going to start taking that all the time! Maybe I will get big out here! Having personal funds is so sweet! I don't have to be hungry a lot anymore!
Love you all
Elder Snow!
Elder Snow's Apartment

Their broken washer

Where they dry their clothes

Jollof Rice

Haha! It looks like they are at a salon and were playing with the wigs!

He scored a goal so had to do a flip! :)

Elder Snow, Sis. Abigail, Elder Nweke

October 27, 2014

So this week was a pretty good week! I got both the packages! The candy was gone within a week! We had special training last week where we go and meet with the president and he asks our concerns and all that stuff! It is just for greenies and trainers! There are a lot of Muslims around! And right before sun down you just hear so many of them yelling their prayers haha! and the other week it was the end of their 40 day fast, so they celebrate by sacrificing cows and eating them, so they were on the streets every where! I didnt get a picture though :( 
 I speak about as much Twi as I speak Spanish! So I am starting to learn a little more all the time! Tomorrow I won't be the youngest elder on the mission! New elders come in! haha It is crazy how many J-Dubs(jehova witness) are around here! haha but we have some of their magazines in the bathroom! They are funny when you read them! They are there because we ran out of T roll so we needed something and we had some of those! The area I'm in has a lot of members and a nice chapel it is because I am in the city, but I am hoping that when I do get transferred that it is to a village!! I have actually gotten a little chubby in my stomach! Which is crazy to me! Not too many members feed us! But that is ok we make a lot of stew here! It is awesome! I honestly love wearing sweats when I am just hanging out! I am going to die from the cold when I get home! But any ways Ghana is great I am loving it a lot! I miss all of you guys so much! 
Love, Elder Snow

(I asked-How are your investigators?)
they are good! we hit a very ruff spot a few weeks ago! we are getting out of it though so we will see what happens! I will let you know next week for sure!
(I asked-How is your companion? Do you get along?)
Ya we get along good! I love the people in my apartment! It is a very good place to learn!

Pounding Fufu

Need stamps! :)

October 20, 2014

Hey! This week was a pretty good week! We taught these 19 year old twins and they were saying that I look like Justin Bieber haha! I don't see it but they insisted! I finally got a picture of a kente loom! It is so crazy how they make it! This week I was really missing taco meat! so I decided that I would try to make something close! so I invented the taco seasoned rice! hahahaha It wasn't as bad as you think it would be! Then I tried sugar rice too! and that stuff is good! but I am getting more and more used to Ghana and I am starting to love it! My first transfer ends this week! It is crazy how fast it went by and how there are only 17 transfers in your entire mission! It is flying by! I am sure it will go even faster when I am done with training! So far I have taught 55 lessons! Which is about 11 a week! Which isn't that good for the mission but it is hard when you stay an extra hour for training and your trainer is District leader so you always have to travel for giving interviews! But back to the subject of food! Goat meat is good! I like it a lot! They have this food here called banko! It is like fufu but the dough stuff isn't in the soup it is a ball that you hold and pick off pieces and dip it in soup! All the elders I have talked to like to swallow it like you do fufu! but I find it better when you chew it first! Well we were supposed to have a baptism but the lady just keeps making excuses on why not to get baptized but she acts like she is very interested! It is so confusing! and brother G didn't come to church this week so he cant be baptized next week! So we will have to reset a date for him! but we taught some powerful lessons this week! Life is good I love serving the lord! You get a lot more understanding when you study the scriptures out here! I love you all!
Elder Hunter Snow!


Elder Nweke, Sister Abigail (she was converted 2 months ago and plans to
 serve a mission next year), Elder Snow, Elder Ngendja


Cute boys from the ward!

Kente Loom used to make fabric

A TV repair shop
October 13, 2014

Tuesday morning I wasn't feeling well but we still got out by 1130! There was a district meeting where we talk about numbers and stuff like that! Then we went contacting and met these two ladies! We taught them some of lesson one but I don't think we will see them again! Then we met this guy named Simon and we taught him and he really liked the message we were sharing but it is very hard to meet him because he works and goes to school! I am starting to feel the spirit easier! I am starting to rely on it for teaching and it is working! I have been studying the lessons so much! 
We had such a funny week! This guy called my companion and was saying that he is a JUJU man and these two guys gave him a picture and phone number of my companion! He said they told him to destroy him! haha then he said that he looked into the future and doesn't want him to die so he was saying I need to buy the stuff to reverse it so he told us to send him 150 cedis! haha it was so funny! 

We met Chief on Wednesday he is a 16 year old boy! We taught him for the second time but we taught him lesson 1 again because it was a long time in between teaching him! But after we told him how we leave our homes for two years to teach people the gospel  he was telling us that he is going to go on a mission so he can get out of Ghana haha! We told him that it doesn't just work like that! But I think we will see him again for sure! 
So the other morning I woke up because I sweating to death! I looked at my fan and it was off! So I pushed the button and nothing! There was a power out from a crazy storm going on! but power outs are the best in my apartment! It only is out for about 15 to 20 minutes! Other apartments power goes out for weeks at a time! But ours stays on because apparently we are on the same power line as the King of Ashanti! So our power is always good! 
I am starting to speak Twi! I can understand more and more everyday! But still krakan kra(Small, small) haha it is the toughest language to learn! the twi books that I have are not actual Twi! me and elder Ndjendja decided that they are English Twi not Ghana Twi! haha 
Almost half way done with training! They have a twelve week training program where they add something new for the greenie to start doing, but my companion already has me doing all the things already! So I just need the repetition and I will be good!
I found out the coolest thing! There is an Elder who was on splits and he was in our apartment and guess where he is from!!! MTN. Home Idaho! He totally knows grandpa! He has been riding at his house before too! His name is Elder Stempfley! haha That was so cool to me! There are a lot of Utah elders here too!
But Ghana is getting great! love you all so much!
Elder Snow
(I said-It sounds like you are staying busy, are you feeling better?)
ya i but I am just getting used to being sick! I am getting better at cooking rice though haha!!
no pictures today! I haven't seen anything new and cool! but I am trying my best to take as much as possible!! A new area and you will get a whole lot of pictures :)
(I replied-Well I don't need to see stuff. I just like pictures of you :) tell me more about the little girl from the picture a few weeks ago)
she is just a little girl who we would hang out by her house so she would come and hang out with me and pet my skin! Can you believe how short my hair is! can you send me all the conference talks! Like the Liahonna! we don't get them for a long time! I want to read the talks! 

October 6, 2014

Well I cant believe that I have already been on my mission for over a month! Looking back on it the time flies! The days are starting to blend together and it is hard to remember exactly what I do everyday! But the work here is for sure moving forward! I have taught so many lessons already! There is this guy in the ward his name is Brother Kofi, we were sitting there while my companion was taking a phone call and he wanted to know so much about America! He asked how much a cheap car was so I told him about $1000 and he was like, If I send you the money will you send me the car from America! haha then he was asking all sorts of questions about America! He is determined to move here one day though! He has such a cute baby boy though! I have grown to like FUFU now! I didn't think I would! The people really are amazing here though! They all will listen to the message! The message is becoming a lot better the more I teach it haha! I really struggled with teaching and still do but it is getting easier the more I study! But the language is very tough but I am trying to learn it! So that is an interesting task I gave myself! But it will be worth it to be able to speak it! We travel everywhere by taxi and walking! Driving here is crazy! There are no rules! I might have talked about that already but it is true! I am so jealous of all of you in America getting ready for winter! I will definitely miss the cold!! The shower here is like the shower in the movie Holes "there is only one knob cause there is one temperature... cold!" and it is freezing cold! i feel like I'm doing the Ice bucket challenge!! But it is nice to cool off after a hot day! I miss all of you and love you all!
Elder Hunter Snow

(His reply after I asked how he was feeling and about his hair cut I saw in Sister Holmes pictures)
well i had a malaria scare the other day haha I thought I might have had it but I don't know! I tried cutting it but it sucked so I went to a barber and we cut it down to a 3! It is times like this that I miss Madi!! but I wish we would have seen conference that would be so amazing! but I love you a lot! not a lot to report this week!
(What made you think you had Malaria? Tell me about your days)
well my entire body hurt with bad aches and I had a huge migrane! and I cant really go day by day to much because literally they days blend into a week! but I should have another baptism on Sunday! so that will be cool! and I teach a lot more in the lessons and Im getting better with them!
(I asked if he heard that Ebola was in America)
haha I did hear! Everything will be ok there though :) if it got here I would be in a new location already haha
Elder Snow and Elder Nweke

Elder Snow and Elder Verdoni (MTC companions)
It was Elder Nwekes one year mark, so they met a group of
 Elders at this nice Hotel for lunch to celebrate!