Tuesday, October 21, 2014

First Email From Africa!
September 22, 2014

Well I have been sick since I had my first meal here. But I will get over it soon. I have been coasting off of the oat meal and granola bars we packed! I just feel like throwing up all the time! But the Ghana people are very kind and will listen to your lesson even if they don't want to. And even though their houses aren't that great they are all about their technology! Everyone has two smart phones and a tablet. I was in a house yesterday where the TV was as big as the place! Everyone here speaks twi but it is pronounced very weird it is, Churiee said very fast.  Walking down the streets I here Obroni(whiteman) all the time! Then I look over and see 5 little kids smiling and waving at me! It is very funny! I washed my clothes in a bucket today so that was cool! My camera wont connect to the cpu today so no pictures today but I will try next time! so I'll let you know about more next week! bye!! love you!!       

I asked if I could send him anything... Yes! Candy and more oatmeal packets!

I asked if they went to church that Sunday... ya we did. and this other elder that I replaced had a baptism but was already gone so that stat went to me! 
I asked do you have electricity, running water, toilets? ya, we have all that :)

Arriving in Ghana!
September 18, 2014

So because of the delay in London they were a day later than the mission had planned. Here is Elder Ashby's account of what happened in the Accra airport. (Hunter isn't very good at details) :)

  Everyone was asking for tips.  When we got outside and were directed to the car taking us to the place where we were supposed to go, where ever that was, we were surrounded by like 10 guys all trying to help load into the car and saying they were the driver and saying they needed tips.  Elder Wilson lost about $6 until he realized they were fake.  2 girls were telling us we were going to a safe house.  They were holding a sign saying LDS missionaries so we trusted them.  We got into the car and the driver drove us to a house.  We honestly weren't sure if we were being kidnapped or taken to a safe house.  The girls let us into the house, told us to stay indoors and that a car would be here at 5:00 to take us back.  Then they left.  It was interesting.  There was a guard walking around the little neighborhood.  We didn't get to bed until like 1 and had to get up at 4.  We flew to Kumasi the next day.  It was a 30 minute flight that I slept through.  When we landed and got to the luggage carrousel, we saw white shirts and black name tags outside waiting for us.  It was a relief to see other missionaries.

I need to get Hunter's account of this!

Here are the pictures Hunter's mission president's wife posted of their arrival and training.

On Hunters right is his companion and trainer Elder Nweke from Nigeria

Layover in London!
September 17, 2014

So, the boys plane was delayed in Chicago for over an hour which caused them to miss their connecting flight to Ghana in London. Right when they got off the plane in London the airline already had a hotel room and food vouchers for them. When Hunter called to let us know what was happening we asked if they let someone know. He said they called the travel office in Salt Lake like they were told and they didn't say anything about sitting in the hotel so they were going sight seeing! They went to see Big Ben!
Stuck in London!

The next morning one of the elders (Elder Lawson) aunt and uncle happened to be in the London airport! They went to the gate where the boys were and took some awesome pictures for us crazy missionary moms! :) 
Elder Wilson, Ashby, Snow, Lawson,          , Verdoni

And finally off they go!

Off To Africa!
September 16, 2014

Well Elder Snow, Elder Verdoni, Elder Ashby and Elder Lawson are off to Africa! I got this crazy idea in my head that I wanted to see the plane! Luckily my brother (the pilot, in Houston) was off today so he could listen to the scanners! After monitoring the airport all day and seeing all planes were taking off to the south, We (me, Mariah, gma, and Rich) parked at a motel just SW of the runway, it should bank pretty close over us. 20 min before takeoff they change the runway! Taking off to the North now! AAHH we jump in the car hit the freeway to the North side of the airport, park in a field and pray airport security doesn't come! A few planes took off right over us, then a few far away from us and we were bummed that those might have been him, then all of a sudden we look up and there it was right by us!!! (My brother sent a pic of what the plane would look like) the only one with that flag on the tail! It was the best feeling!! I was a baby! We are Africa! I hope he could feel his crazy mom and grandma there! (He called while in Chicago, he saw us!) 

Last MTC Letter
September 14, 2014

Well, the MTC is wrapping up and I made it through! I have learned more than I did all of seminary about
this gospel in this two weeks, but that's partly because I didn't go to seminary!(he did go to seminary, he probably didn't pay attention like he did in the MTC) But once here I was talking to mygood friend and he
 said he was struggling with how to have that godly love towards anyone. Then the spirit taught through me and said, "When you have stuff in common with someone you learn to love them very quickly, so when trying to love someone you just make sure you don't look for earthly stuff in common but look for spiritual stuff in common. Such as a loving Heavenly Father, and the fact you are all brothers and sisters of a loving Heavenly Father." This was the most amazing thing I learned here and it is helping me to have that godly love towards everyone!
 I fly out to Ghana on Tuesday and I'm so excited but very nervous!
 It will be a very long flight!
 I love all of you and hope things at home are going well.

Elder Hunter Snow

The Last MTC Package!

September 9, 2014

Mom, the MTC is humbling! I thought I knew more than I do! Sunday was way cool we watched a David A. Bednar talk that the MTC has exclusive rights to!
It's laundry day tomorrow! My clothes stink! I'm so excited for laundry! (Never thought I'd say that!) ;) Please send a Twi book! English is boring and I want to learn the language of my people! :)

                           This is one of the packages we sent to the MTC! Minionaries!

Monday, October 20, 2014

2nd Letter from MTC
September 6, 2014

Hey Mom!
I didn't think the MTC would be this great!I love it and how spiritual it all is! Sleeping in a bed is great! Nice and comfy! (I was teasing him about if he was going to know how to sleep in a bed anymore because a year ago he took his bed out of his room and put in a reclining sofa) We found out that we go to Chicago, then England, then Ghana! You have probably seen the picture by now. (he emailed me a picture of his flight itinerary) This camera is the bomb!! I let elders in my district send a few pictures of them to their family. Today me and Elders Verdoni and Wilson taught a fake investigator that is a real actor! The lady we taught was a teacher of ours. We decided that when you act to be an investigator the spirit takes over for training purposes. But anyways, we got her to commit to baptism and we are teaching her tomorrow as well!
I think I have put on 5 pounds! We eat breakfast at 7:15 then go to class for a little then eat at 11:00. You don't feel hungry but you eat because you don't want to wait until 4:00 to eat again! This is going by so fast! Thanks for the "greenie" package! It was great! Elder Ashby and Elder Lawson (the other two elders who were called to Liberia the same time as Hunter) are companions but they are in a different district than us so I barely see them! I sleep great and wake up at 6:00 and don't even struggle to stay up! I sent pictures of my district. They are so awesome! We have so much fun in  our classes! It is so amazing how when you teach you feel the spirit take over! Satan tries a little bit here ha! He tries to get doubt here, but the spirit kicks him in the hinnie every time!
I love my mission and I'm not even there!
Elder Snow
I get to go to London!!!!!!

We love Hunter's "selfie" face! (not!) :)

I found Bennett!

The day before Bennett leaves for Germany! 
Another friend, Brock Schofield! Going to Cape Verde, Praia
(an island off of Africa)

Uh Oh! Need new scriptures!